Mazovia in brief

General information

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Mazovia region covers an area of 35.6 thousand km2, what makes it the largest region in the country. At the same time is the most internally diverse region in Poland. It consists of: the Warsaw agglomeration with the largest city in the country- the Polish capital Warsaw, that plays not only a dominant socio-economic role, but is also a major transport hub and then a part of the region that can be characterised by economic growth indicator below the national average.

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Mazovia region, located in the Central Poland Plain in the Great Mid Valleys landscape, is characterised by variability. First of all it is made out of river valleys: of the Vistula, Bug, Narew and Pilica as well as those of Wkra, Bzura, Wilga, Jeziorka, Świder, Skwra, Omulew, Płodownica, Liwiec and Rządza. The natural and landscape value of the region also consists of areas marked by the glaciers in the form of moraine hills of different hights and shapes (eg. in the Minsk county) and numerous lakes in the area of Łąck and Gostynin. Like in most of the Polish territory, Mazovian climate is moderate- in between continental and Atlantic. During the summer temperatures reach +20°C and during winter they fall below 0°C.

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Mazovia was and still is the leader of the Polish transformation. This is the fastest growing region in Poland and it attracts the largest number of foreign investments. It is the richest region in the country and contributes the most to the creation of national GDP.In no other region the transformation process was as fast and as successful as in Mazovia. The regional industry is characterized by a large branch diversity, making it less dependent on the fluctuations of the domestic and foreign markets.

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For centuries Mazovia has been a central area and for four centuries – a seat for he capital of Poland. The most important events in Polish history are associated with Mazovia.

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Cultural heritage

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Souvenirs of the Polish and Mazovian past are, among others: the Royal Palace in Warsaw, Old Town buildings and numerous palaces and manor houses in the region as well as castles in Ciechanów, Czersk, Iłża, Pułtusk or Szydłowiec, Jabłonna, Opinogóra, Sterdyń, palace and park complexes in Cholewiska, Jadwisin and Oroński or maisons in Żelazowa Wola, Sucha or Stawisko.

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